Life's a garden, and we dig it!

We know about horticulture!

Greenturf Horticultural (PTY) Ltd was established during the last quarter of 1998.

Our vision is to supply a high standard horticultural service to our clients at a reasonable cost.

During the past two decades we grew into a multidimensional horticultural company with a firm footing in all the different facets of our industry.

We maintain it!

We develop it!

We care about the environment!

Our main aim is to leave the planet in a better state than we found it by carefully monitoring the application of pesticides and not following any preventative pesticide programs

We started a Spekboom challenge a few years ago, this entails propagating, supplying, and planting Spekboom at zero additional cost to our existing clients.

Number of Spekboom propagated, donated, and planted

We do horticultural consultation!

Over the past two decades, we obtained loads of practical knowledge and we are still learning!

Greenturf can advice on just about any horticultural project including, but not limited to the following:

We can help you!

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